un-american mobsters, gansters and crazies

Bet ya thought I was talking about the Senior Citizens, outraged conservatives and independents on crutches and in wheelchairs that are creating rightful havoc at the “town hall” meetings.

No, I was quoting Dimocrats and liberals whose heads are filled with the sound of their own egos screaming in the night.

Cut health care for Seniors, and use the money to buy new private jets (yes, plural is right, as in more than one) for your congressman to fly around in spending your tax dollars.

We need to tell them they will be thrown in the street come election time. If we don’t, we will be, as the POTUS Obamus says, pointed in the right direction, losing lots more jobs and facing rising unemployment.

Trickle up poverty is rapidly becoming a Tsunami heading your way.

Wake up, get your fuzzy little pointed heads out of your butts and throw the bums out.


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