Spend yourself into oblivion

All the “biggies” like msn.com, yahoo.com and the “gov” tells us to spend, spend, spend.

Go ahead. Spend yourself into such a deep hole, the dog won’t even come near for fear of falling in. Buy all that cheap Chinese junk at Walmart. Buy the cheap import food. Do your very best to send all your money as far overseas as you possibly can. Kill yourself with imported kindness. Who cares if the only job left is cooking pizza, or bagging your groceries?

Buy a Chinese lawnmower, hire an illegal alien to run it.

Hey, stupid Schmuck when are you going to wake up? Get up off your dead ass and throw out these bums that are robbing you and your children of your life and freedom

Vote the bums out. All of them. Start a the top, and work your way all the way down to the dog catcher. Get rid of them all.

Quit being a total jerk and take back your country.


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