No Buzz Words Allowed

Chris Dodds, that pillar of respectability and ethics purity in the senate, has determined that “Government-Run” healthcare is a buzz-word with negative connotation, and therefore needs to be changed to be more pallatble to all the masses that really do NOT want their incomes and health benefits taxed, regulated and rationed by the Washington Elite that are just too damn importortant to even participate in the health plan for the masses.

Hey, Dodds, what do you suggest as an alternative to your “my shit don’t stink” menatality you bloodsuckers in the Congress and Senate have? How about “early retirement”

If you are in, you are OUT!


Come Visit & See the USA

Here comes Harry Reid, Senate Majority leader, wants to encourage people in foreign countries to visit the USA.


Is this genius at work or what??????????????????

I hope he comes up for reelection before this idiotic bill gets any consideration. Then, he will have lost the election and him and his stupidity will only be available as a new lobbyist in Washington.

getting sicker by the day at government stupidity, and especially when thinking about the blooming idiots that voted for these jerks.

If you are in, YOU ARE OUT!

Pukingly yours,


‘Bama Health Care for all

1. if you have insurance, tax the premiums your company pays as normal income. That means not only income tax, but all the various social taxes you pay no matter your tax bracket.
2. When that doesn’t pay for it, tax everything you might possibly ever eat, drink or do that in any way might be construed by someone as contributing to less than an ultra-healthy life style. (let PETA plan your diets!)
3. When that doesn’t pay for it, tax every blessed thing with a consumption tax at every level of transfer (raw materials, manufacturing, wholesale, then retail). With compounding, that could result in a 16 to 20% sales tax.
4. When that doesn’t pay for it, hire a bunch of bureaucrats to tell your doctor what he/she may do to cure your ailments. If you are old, sick and need help, never mind, as you will probably die soon anyway.
5. Don’t get anything potentially terminal, as needed treatments will only be allowed 6 months after your anticipated date of demise.

Today’s Pesidential Accomplishments

Let’s see…

  • So far today, el presidente has thrown the US Military and CIA under the bus.
  • He wants Israel to stop building in established areas
  • He thinks Hamas is a welfare organization
  • Atomic bomb capability is okay, as long as you are not a super power.
  • Ethnic cleansing is no longer terrorism in the English language. Just a religious dispute.

Keep it up. That way, next week when you decide that in addition to all illegal aliens getting an automatic retrial by claiming poor defense attorney work, you announce that all free citizens are now subject to sharia law.

I am doing my best to be sure you enjoy a very early political retirement.

Well, Kiss my Saudi

The Obama administration has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to protect Saudi Arabia and four of its princes from being held accountable for their alleged role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States that killed almost 3,000 Americans, according to a report in Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Through its solicitor general, Elena Kagan, the Obama administration has asked that the Saudis be held immune under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, or FSIA, even though there is ample U.S. evidence of complicity by the Saudi government and the named princes in support of al-Qaida’s attack.

While the FSIA generally protects a sovereign state, there are exceptions under which its provisions can be invoked. Such interpretations are left largely to the courts to determine.

Families of the 9/11 victims, however, have expressed outrage over the Obama administration’s filing. They regard the action as undermining the continuing fight against terror.