took their words.

Yes, I copied this. Saw the statement, decided to “borrow” it.

we have a President who thinks he can stimulate the economy by printing more “money,” raising your taxes, and spending our grand children’s inheritance to win the votes of illegal immigrants, dead people, and Democrats

Since we are supposed to emulate success, and Obaaaaama keeps telling us how well his plan is working, I have decided to charge enough sh.. to raise my minimum payment level to 89% of my gross income. Then, I will sell enough bonds to my neighbors that will be paid by my ungrateful income-earning offspring to obligate them for the rest of their lives. Then, when all that is spent, I will go bankrupt, skating on my debt, but leaving what the kids and grandkids have to pay.

Gee, mom, ain’t our leaders great, or what???

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