Giva a Kid a Condom

President Barack Obama’s budget adjustment request last week proposed eliminating $138 million in spending on abstinence-only education, and re-directing the money to a new teen pregnancy “reduction” program that is expected to utilize the ‘abstinence-plus” or “comprehensive” sex-ed approach – one that teaches teens how to use condoms and birth control.

Maybe while we are passing out condoms, we could include an abortion-based ad from Planned Parenthood. After all, PP says “Women seeking reproductive healthcare should not have to worry about being deceptively lured into anti-choice crisis pregnancy center through misleading advertisements.”

God forbid someone should have to look at a morally responsible approach to sex and children. But, then, again, we all know that starting 30 or 40 years ago, all people have been gradually released from any personal responsibility for any actions, be it abortion, mass murder, child molesting or any other anti-societal act. It started with “the devil made me do it” to either Mom, or I’m psychotic, depressed or deprived of my rights by rich Republicans but never “I was just a self-centered little bastard that needed my butt beat when I was a kid out burning, torturing and killing small animals.”

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