Bigot, anyone?

I am probably on a terrorist list because I attended a TeaParty. A small one, from what I hear as we only had 7,000 or so attendees.

I am also listed as a voting Republican. I guess that makes me a racist bigot.

In my role as a racist bigot, I belive the scholarship programs that have helped so many Washington DC children escape the DC public school tragedy and really get a good start on a chance to break the ignorance, welfare and poverty trap so many are caught in.

I am glad I am not one of the liberal, non bigoted Congress people or President of the United States that believes that labor unions and public schools and government are the only ones qualified to teach our children.

“President Barack Obama was recently shamed into agreeing that the 1,700 students from low-income families who are currently enrolled in private schools courtesy of DCOSP should be allowed to graduate with the program’s support. (Two of the students enrolled attend school with Malia and Sasha Obama at the elite Sidwell Friends School.)” —, Kathryn Lopez

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