took their words.

Yes, I copied this. Saw the statement, decided to “borrow” it.

we have a President who thinks he can stimulate the economy by printing more “money,” raising your taxes, and spending our grand children’s inheritance to win the votes of illegal immigrants, dead people, and Democrats

Since we are supposed to emulate success, and Obaaaaama keeps telling us how well his plan is working, I have decided to charge enough sh.. to raise my minimum payment level to 89% of my gross income. Then, I will sell enough bonds to my neighbors that will be paid by my ungrateful income-earning offspring to obligate them for the rest of their lives. Then, when all that is spent, I will go bankrupt, skating on my debt, but leaving what the kids and grandkids have to pay.

Gee, mom, ain’t our leaders great, or what???

Don’t take away your tomorrow.

… Or your child’s or grandchild’s futures.

Keep Obama and the democratic socialists running congress, and sell your future freedom and any potential for growth or personal wealth down the drain.

Here is the only message Congress will understand:
We all need to look our representatives in the eye and tell them, if you’re in, you’re out.

Vote in 2010. Vote for the “other guy”. Turn out all the incumbents. Change them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California and Common Sense

For about 50 years or so, California and Common Sense have had little common ground.

Hats off for today’s California Supreme Court ruling, quote from Fox News.

Chief Justice Ron George, writing the 6-1 decision, said the people have a right, through the ballot box, to change their constitution.

“In a sense, petitioners’ and the attorney general’s complaint is that it is just too easy to amend the California constitution through the initiative process. But it is not a proper function of this court to curtail that process; we are constitutionally bound to uphold it,” the ruling said.

Bigot, anyone?

I am probably on a terrorist list because I attended a TeaParty. A small one, from what I hear as we only had 7,000 or so attendees.

I am also listed as a voting Republican. I guess that makes me a racist bigot.

In my role as a racist bigot, I belive the scholarship programs that have helped so many Washington DC children escape the DC public school tragedy and really get a good start on a chance to break the ignorance, welfare and poverty trap so many are caught in.

I am glad I am not one of the liberal, non bigoted Congress people or President of the United States that believes that labor unions and public schools and government are the only ones qualified to teach our children.

“President Barack Obama was recently shamed into agreeing that the 1,700 students from low-income families who are currently enrolled in private schools courtesy of DCOSP should be allowed to graduate with the program’s support. (Two of the students enrolled attend school with Malia and Sasha Obama at the elite Sidwell Friends School.)” —, Kathryn Lopez

Daily ‘Bama update

Hi, Sports fans

It is time for the Daily O’Bama News Update!

Today’s update, courtesy the O’Bama, is about the economy.

QUOTE:” Bush did it. It is all Bush’s fault. I’m just glad we live in such a great Country, and that you voted for me so I could change it. Everything going to hell in a handbasket is due to G. Bush economicx. It is not my fault, I just inherited it. Just as I have always said, Bush did it.”

Liberal Prayer Breakfast?

Talk about an oxymoron!

Union leaders, clergy and liberal members of Congress gathered in the mostly empty U.S. Capitol Visitors Center early Tuesday morning to hear multicultural choir music, speeches from religious leaders–and to pray for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. (

Gee, Mom, something for everybody. I wonder what people who believe in the “Big Bang” theory (is that kind like a big hack and spit?) actually pray to? The Big Pond in the sky, where they can return to the primordial slime pool they claim to have come from?

just another stupid arrogant liberal

“The bottom line: both feminism and homosexuality matter less to Sykes than kissing Barack Obama’s butt. She didn’t utter a single joke about Obama’s out of control spending. Not one joke about his teleprompter. Not one joke about his visit with Chavez, his messages to Iran, his Cinco De Mayo screwup, his mastery of the Austrian language, his ?world without nuclear weapons,? his spreading the wealth around, his ownership of the car companies, his tax-cheat employees.”

– Ben Shapiro on Wanda Sykes

How about not a comedian, just another stupid arrogant liberal???????

Giva a Kid a Condom

President Barack Obama’s budget adjustment request last week proposed eliminating $138 million in spending on abstinence-only education, and re-directing the money to a new teen pregnancy “reduction” program that is expected to utilize the ‘abstinence-plus” or “comprehensive” sex-ed approach – one that teaches teens how to use condoms and birth control.

Maybe while we are passing out condoms, we could include an abortion-based ad from Planned Parenthood. After all, PP says “Women seeking reproductive healthcare should not have to worry about being deceptively lured into anti-choice crisis pregnancy center through misleading advertisements.”

God forbid someone should have to look at a morally responsible approach to sex and children. But, then, again, we all know that starting 30 or 40 years ago, all people have been gradually released from any personal responsibility for any actions, be it abortion, mass murder, child molesting or any other anti-societal act. It started with “the devil made me do it” to either Mom, or I’m psychotic, depressed or deprived of my rights by rich Republicans but never “I was just a self-centered little bastard that needed my butt beat when I was a kid out burning, torturing and killing small animals.”

Stupid S… on TV

Things that really have no meaning for me:

news report on “undocumented internal refugees” I think was referring to those Pakistanis that went to stay with family as opposed to checking into an “Official United Nation Refugee Camp”

sinus medication: Never new what I missed by not loving my bicycle and not singing odes to it. Kind of like watching people slobber over Tofu.

Pelosi visits IRAQ. Why? Does she think she will find some common sense there? Maybe we’ll get lucky and they will keep her. PS: Did she buy carbon off-sets to cover the big foot print?, Oh, sorry, I almost forgot she of the upper echelons doesn’t need to worry about that stuff. She has a Govt. credit card.