Hide those bills… if your in, your OUT

Found this in my email. If you are not part of the solution, you ARE part of the problem
[petlaw] SB258/HB386 Tennessee Commercial Breeder Bills
As I’m writing this the hearing before the Senate Commerce, Labor &
Agriculture Committee to hear SB258 is supposed to convene in about 1
1/2 hours. We still don’t have a copy of the revised version of the
bill although we have asked for it repeatedly.
Does anyone think this is how government is supposed to work? That a
few select people are supposed to see proposed legislation and the
public can’t see it? That we aren’t allowed a chance to read it or
make comments on it? Are these bills going to be passed because
people opposed to them aren’t given a chance to review them?
I suggest that when you contact people about these bills you let them
know that the people supporting these bills have been doing
everything possible to keep us from seeing the latest versions of the
bills. Spread this information when you tell people about the
bills. Tell them what’s going on. HSUS is known for this.
We all deserve better than this. This legislation affects all of us
and we deserve to see what’s in the bills.
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