Way back when, slaves were refused education because they knew that once a person is educated, he will throw off his shackles. Unless, that is, be he a teacher, Democrat or Liberal socialist, in which case education leads to a super-inflated ego that demands one controls all around them, refusing any permission to join the ranks unless they be steeped in confusion and corruption.

From Newsmax.com

During the March 10 vote, 57 Democrats voted and 54 of them opposed the vouchers program.

Why? Murdock suggested, “Follow the money,” and he pointed out that teachers’ unions shelled out $55,794,000 in political donations between 1999 and 2008, with 96 percent of the funds going to Democrats.

The “winners” in the Senate vote, he added, are “the teachers’ unions, who hate school choice, hate vouchers, and don’t give a damn about school kids when they threaten union pay, benefits, and control of classrooms.”

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